Foxhole Spotlight: Jayde Manning

Being... our most frequent collaborator, Jayde Manning has appeared in Why Are You Sad, Coming Home, Demi, Extra Time and now our latest film Foxhole. She speaks to us about her experience on the short thriller and what is was like to get away from London and film in the countryside. 

Interview by Zoe Morris

What attracted you to the story of Foxhole?

The mystery! I wanted to know who all these girls were and what had compelled them to choose a life of solidarity. The story is very raw and unique as well, it's not often you get to work on a tale about cults and life in the wilderness. It was so exciting to explore that. The script has a fantasy and a detective element to it, my absolute favourite film themes!

Tell us about your character, Poppy.

Poppy is full of emotion but she's also quite withdrawn, quiet but complicated. She notices all the little details. Love and friendship are of most importance to her.

What helped you get into character?

The quietness of the location we were filming. I was living in London at the time and to go straight from the city to our location was quite overwhelming, I think a few of us girls felt like that. You suddenly got a sense of how the characters must have felt being isolated and so far away from society, away from all the things we're told matter in order to go about everyday life. The gorgeous costume also really helped!

Jayde on set during the intense initiation dinner scene

Jayde on set during the intense initiation dinner scene

How did you find the filming process?

It was both exciting and challenging. I think once you get a hold of your surroundings you quickly learn to adapt and fit in with the environment. I became more fully aware of all my senses as well during filming. It was great to kind of just lose yourself out there and be captivated by nothing but the story and the beauty of the countryside.

What was it like working with the rest of the cast?

Amazing! I really like meeting new people and we had such a good time out there! Everyone was very supportive and we had such a lovely time together, some great memories! I was lucky enough to have already worked with a few of the ladies there, it felt great to see them again and to get back into filming together.

Jayde behind the scenes

Jayde behind the scenes

What was it like working with the director and the rest of Rianne Pictures team?

Such a good experience! We all learnt a lot and the Rianne Pictures team looked after us so so well! Caris always has such incredible vision and an inspiring work ethic, you can't help but want to give her the best you can. Caris is a young director and to see a lady work with such incredible power and organisation and still only be in her 20's is pretty mind-blowing. I think she's a wonderful role model for the younger generation of women who aspire to work in film.

What was your favourite experience of working on Foxhole?

The people. Being able to work with such a lovely, talented group of people is a rare and once in a lifetime thing. I felt lucky to be part of making that film with them.

Jayde on set of the countryside setting of Foxhole

Jayde on set of the countryside setting of Foxhole

What would you want the audience to take away from watching Foxhole?

To have a greater sense of things like hope and unity, aspects that are really tested in this story. I think Foxhole shows you how fragile humans can be but also how strong they can become in the face of desolation.

What can we see you in next?

I am lucky enough to be working on a short film with a close friend very soon, it has a mythical theme to it and I'm super excited for it! Work I have done on a music video for an alternate rock band is also due to be released soon.

You can watch Jayde Manning in our trailer for Foxhole below!