Foxhole Spotlight: Adam Sabatti

He's... one of our local talents being from Harlow where our company started. Here, Actor Adam Sabatti talks to us about his first role with Rianne Pictures. 

Interview by Cecilia Gragnani.

What attracted you to the story of Foxhole?

I was attracted to the idea that places we consider sanctuaries/refuges can be just as bad places, if not worse than, the places people escape from. It was an interesting concept especially as it's a womens' refuge in the film. I'm not sure I can say anymore than that without giving it away.

Tell us about your character, the driver.

My character is a surprise. There is a lot more to him that I discussed with Caris in pre-production that we hope to show in the feature length version when it gets made.

What helped you get into character?

Growing a beard helped with a physical difference. In terms of the emotional journey of the character it was all about experimenting with antithesis of the situation we find him in and his real motive.

Adam behind the scenes with make-up artist Olivia Dench

Adam behind the scenes with make-up artist Olivia Dench

How did you find the filming process?

I thought it was going to be a bit intimidating as they'd been filming all weekend and I was coming in on the last day so they'd all get on really well with each other & slightly ignore me but it wasn't like that at all. They were all very friendly and it was great fun. It was nice to get a second chance to shoot it (we ran out due to time restraints on the light) so I could get to know the team more personally.

How did you find working with the director, caris rianne?

Working with Caris is definitely one of the best experiences of working with a director I've had. She has a very clear vision of what she wants with a lot of focus and passion and is always open to discuss things with actors, like character choices, which is very comforting. This is definitely reflected in her team who were so on top of things on the day.

What was it like working with the rest of the cast?

I only worked with Lydia & Eleanor who were both great. Amazing actresses, the pair of them.

Adam behind the scenes with co-stars Eleanor Brown and Lydia Lakemoore.

Adam behind the scenes with co-stars Eleanor Brown and Lydia Lakemoore.

What was your favourite experience of working on Foxhole?

Driving round country roads looking all serious & moody was pretty fun. Probably the closest I'll ever get to being Ryan Gosling. The highlight for me though was the banter with Caris about Arsenal defenders. We had the FA Cup final between our shooting weekends and with one defender injured we were suggesting who should replace him. Caris shot down my suggestion saying I was crazy etc but my suggestion ended up playing and being the best defender in the Arsenal squad in the entire game. When we did the re-shoot the next day we couldn't stop teasing each other about it.

How was the premiere screening?

It was great to see everyone again as lot of people in the film I only met in the cast/crew meeting. Having it at Hackney Picturehouse was a fantastic & fitting way for Rianne Pictures to celebrate four years of a female led independent company & toasting their/her (Caris) future in the business. I also won a box of Malteasers in the raffle so I knew it was going to be a top night either way.


Adam at the Foxhole premiere with co-star Ben Charlton creating a "Titanic moment"

Adam at the Foxhole premiere with co-star Ben Charlton creating a "Titanic moment"

What would you want the audience to take away from watching Foxhole?

First of all I would like them to have enjoyed it. Secondly I'd like them to see how many amazingly talented women were involved in this film as either actors or crew & make them realise that the film industry should not ever feel like a boys only club and that companies like Rianne Pictures are putting many big companies to shame with their gender/diversity commitment. Supporting companies/creatives at this level only pushes them into the next one.

What can we see you in next?

You can catch me in Block which came out today online via BoxWheelProductions & Youtube playing a role not too disimilar to the one in Foxhole. Otherwise I have a short film coming out soon called 'Happy Birthday You Loser', an appearance in the upcoming series of 'Small World' & a couple of student films yet to be released.

You can follow Adam on Twitter @AdamSabatti and check out the trailer for Foxhole below!