Foxhole Spotlight: Poppy Evans

Poppy Evans...  talks to us about her first experience with Rianne Pictures. From featuring in the early stages of the project as part of the fund raising prequel film, to moving into her first role with us as Kathryn. 

Interview by Cecilia Gragnani.

What attracted you to the story of Foxhole?

What attracted me to Foxhole was that most of the cast where women which I haven't really seen that much in the film industry so I thought it would be interesting. Also the story's really different than anything I've seen before.

Tell us about your character, Kathryn.

Kathryn is a young teenage girl who went missing the day before her prom and was introduced into the cult by Warren. She and Sophie don't say very much but I think they've developed a strong friendship because they joined the cult at roughly the same time.

What helped you get into character?

What really helped me get into character was putting on the costume. It made me feel quite vulnerable and innocent which is what I think my character was feeling.

Poppy on set of Foxhole

Poppy on set of Foxhole

How did you find the filming process?

The filming process was so fun. I didn't really know what to expect because it was my first film but the crew all made me feel so comfortable.

What was it like working with the rest of the cast?

It was so interesting working with the cast hearing about all there different experiences in the industry and working with Rianne Pictures. And I got to work with my best friend Reanna which was a lot of fun.

Poppy at the countryside location of the Foxhole house

Poppy at the countryside location of the Foxhole house

What was it like working with the director and the rest of Rianne Pictures team?

I loved working with Caris because you can tell she's really passionate about her work and it makes you want to be passionate about it too which is awesome. The crew were all really professional and seemed just as excited about the project as Caris which was a really nice environment to work in.

How was the premiere screening?

It was really nice at the premiere because we got to catch up with everyone and I was just really proud of everyone. Caris' speech nearly made me cry. And watching the film just felt so exciting because it had all come together and looked really beautiful.

Poppy, Reanna Austin and their guests at the premiere of Foxhole

Poppy, Reanna Austin and their guests at the premiere of Foxhole

What was your favourite experience of working on Foxhole?

My favourite part of working on Foxhole was getting to meet so many interesting people and getting to experiment with a new acting style.

What would you want the audience to take away from watching Foxhole?

What I would want people to take away from foxhole is that equality in the industry is really important. Not Having female directors and casts is just a waste of talent.

What can we see you in next?

I am currently in a stage play called Mort and also a college musical of Spring Awakening. 

Watch Poppy feature in the Foxhole trailer below!