Foxhole Spotlight: Ben Charlton

Ben Charlton...has collaborated with us three times in the past year, First with our fundraising campaign video for Foxhole, followed by his role in the short film and then in our video for Lauren Bird's 'I Wonder' here he talks to us about the past year.

Interview by Zoe Morris

What attracted to the Foxhole project?

The story attracted me as an actor because it kept me guessing until the very last page. You can see that there is a lot of character development which leads to an intriguing and tense climax. The story is also very original which of course made me excited to be a part of it, the film is unique. 

Talk to us about your character, Warren.

Warren is a man who thrives upon leading. He is very extreme in a lot of ways and finds himself going over the top in A LOT of situations and scenarios. Something didn’t quite tick with him mentally and that was a challenge for me but I thoroughly enjoyed it. 

Ben behind the scenes of Foxhole

Ben behind the scenes of Foxhole

What helped you get into character?

I had about one months preparation, because I was performing a stage show in Harlow,  to make my decisions and work on my transformation. I realised quickly that Warren had many similarities to a bear so I changed the way I walked and my reactions to people, were they friend or foe? Etc. I tried to do more exercise too just so I felt bigger than other people, obviously it was only a month so there wasn’t any major differences but it’s all psychological. I also had a few choices of songs to listen to throughout my days on set because there was, as always, a lot of waiting around so it’s a perfect time to get in to character.

And how was the filming process?

The process was great. Unlike anything I imagined or expected. It was my first time shooting on a set so it was all a new experience to me. Everyone involved made it a joyful and fun experience and there wasn’t a boring moment. 

How did you find working with the cast?

It was a talented cast and everyone was fantastic. I was the only male actor on set on both days I shot but I felt very welcome indeed! Warren didn’t say too much so I didn’t have much dialogue with other characters but just from watching the others work and being in the same scenes as them it was a very positive and unforgettable experience.

Ben behind the scenes of Foxhole

Ben behind the scenes of Foxhole

This was your first time with Rianne Pictures, how was your experience?

Caris was so great. She had an idea and she wanted to get it. Caris had an awful lot to do and she did it brilliantly, giving me the right direction and giving me the freedom to make Warren come to life. She was very welcoming and committed and yet she was also very fun to be around when we had our small moments to relax, like eating lunch etc. 
The rest of the team were also undeniably brilliant. From keeping everything in check to making food for everyone it was truly lovely. It felt like working with a huge family and that’s all down to the director and team.

Did you enjoy the premiere screening in London?

The screening was very cool. I had a lot of my family there to keep my head straight as I was a bit nervous however it was very nice to see everyone again and all the shenanigans kicked off during our photos as a cast which was again lovely. It’s a short movie that everyone who was involved in it can be extremely proud of. 

Ben at the premiere with his family

Ben at the premiere with his family

What was your favourite part of working on Foxhole?

Creating a character who will be remembered from the film and the whole experience because it was my first film shoot and working with such fine and terrific actors. Basically the whole thing was my favourite part of it! 

If the audience were to take away something from the film, what would you want that to be?

I would like the audience to take that family is so important. Honestly the unconditional love between family, in the case of Foxhole sisters, is so deep and true. I think watching the film will make people in the audience think of their siblings and whether they would do the same things for them that are demonstrated in the film. I would also like them to take away the message that it’s never too late and you shouldn’t give up on those closest to you.

What can we see you in next?

I’m about a quarter of my way through my first year of drama school so probably nothing is coming up in the near future however hopefully you’ll see my name again after July 2019! 

You can follow Ben on social media at @ben_charlton98 and see him feature in the trailer below!