Four award nominations for Rianne Pictures and another award win for Demi

After praising Rianne Pictures' short film Extra Time earlier this year, The Monkey Bread Tree Film Awards presented Demi with the award for Best Feature Film along with a nomination for Best Editing.

"Demi feels like a cross of ‘Men, Women and Children’, ‘Pretty Persuasion’ and ‘Shame’. It’s a depth filled narrative rich with particular social issues, all the while maintaining some inventive cinematic flavours which elevate it above the average micro budget film. The closing scene, on the train, is a highlight of this – it is somewhat silent in terms of its message (though there is some diagetic sound), and the viewer is left to understand the meaning all alone; enjoying the basic cinematic sequences of image a + image b = image c (Eisenstein)."

A rewarding ending to Demi's film festival circuit which begun in September 2015. The film won the Royal Reel award at the Canadian International Film Festival and received nominations in the Female Director category at the Florida Movie Festival, Best International Film category at the Swedish International Film Festival and Best LGBT Film category at the Golden Door Film Festival. 

Meanwhile across the pond, short film Extra Time received two nominations at The Short Film Awards based in Delaware, USA. The short picked up nominations for Best Comedic Short Film and Best Writing in a Comedic Short Film, bringing to the total of nominations received for Extra Time to seven after being nominated in five categories at the Monkey Bread Tree Film Awards earlier in the year. The awards ceremony will take place in New York on December 11th. 

Demi will be released on Vimeo on October 28th and Extra Time will follow suit by arriving on the streaming website on November 25th.