Episode 39 - Coming of Age Films


With the recent release of Booksmart providing everyone with a brilliant coming of age story, Caris and Lauren reflect back on some of their personal favourites over the past years including The Breakfast Club, Mean Girls and Juno.

They also discuss casual sexism, awkward in law family parties and which films talked about sex.

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Episode 38 - Musician Biopics


On the back of the recent release of ROCKETMAN Caris sits down with Courtney to look back on some of the other musician biopics we’ve been given over the years. They talk about the representation of Ian Curtis in Control, John Lennon in Nowhere Boy, Johnny Cash and June Carter in Walk The Line and Bob Dylan in I’m Not There.

They also discuss the growing rate of films becoming musicals such as Mean Girls and Heathers and whether this narrative could work for other films..

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Episode 37 - What Happened To Tom?


Caris and Neha talk about the upcoming Handmaids Tale book sequel and how it may affect the show and it’s future. They also discuss Killing Eve, The Hills revival and the latest episode of Big Little Lies and wondering what happened to Tom?

With the latest news on Marvel possibly merging X-Men with Avengers, the girls also explain why they’re uncertain about Spiderman: Far From Home. There’s also discussion on upcoming releases such as Yesterday, Midsommar and The Dead Don’t Die.

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Episode 36 - Big Little Lies Returns


The ladies of Monterey are back with a second season, Caris and Neha review the opening episode of the second season of BIG LITTLE LIES along with new film reviews and TV commentary.

Neha reviews Netflix shows Life In The City and the Patriots Act. Caris shares her experience of watching Booksmart and Rocketman.

Episode 35 - Always Be My Maybe


With Netflix spamming us with decent new releases, Neha and Caris are spoilt for choice in this weeks podcast! They review Ali Wong and Randall Park’s new romantic-comedy ALWAYS BE MY MAYBE. As well as the new thriller series WHAT IF and the heartbreaking new mini series from Ava Duvernay WHEN THEY SEE US.

They also discuss the latest news on the BLACK WIDOW and BATMAN films after the casting of Robert Pattinson is announced, along with their thoughts on the confusing cultural representation in Guy Ritchies newest blockbuster ALADDIN.

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Episode 34 - LGBTQ+ Cinema


Caris and Sophie discuss the films that introduced us to some of the most iconic LGBTQ+ characters and their impact.

They also discuss the recent Rianne Pictures film shoot of COMING OUT FOR CHRISTMAS and the challenges of making gay independent films on a low budget.

The girls also share their first experiences of gay cinema such as Boys Don't Cry and the representation in television through soaps and popular shows such as Glee.

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Episode 33 - Goodbye Game of Thrones


With one of the most talked about shows in the past decade ending earlier this week, Caris and Neha discuss the finale and how their expectations were….well not met.

They also discuss getting a new dog, getting back into a gym routine and what new shows they’ve been watching like Chernobyl and Tuca and Bertie. Film discussion includes Aladdin, Rocketman, Booksmart, Godzilla and Caris’ review on Wine Country.

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Episode 32 - Serial Killers In Film


With Zac Efron's portrayal of Ted Bundy being a popular topic, Courtney and Caris discuss other serial killers stories within the film industry and how Efron's film doesn't hold up despite the hype.

The girls also discuss the difference between whether these stories are better served within biopics or documentaries and compare the storytelling to that of My Friend Dahmer.

Episode 31 - Avengers Endgame


With one of the biggest events in film happening last week, this weeks podcast is an extended version as Caris, Neha and special guest Lauren talk about AVENGERS ENDGAME.

The ladies review the film scene by scene, discussing their favourite moments, easter eggs, throwbacks to previous films and areas of concern. THIS EPISODE CONTAINS SPOILERS

Also reviews on EIGHT GRADE, GAME OF THRONES and discussing MEAN GIRLS on it's 15th anniversary.

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Episode 30 - Game of Thrones Has Returned


With it being the week of release, Caris and Neha express their excitement over AVENGERS ENDGAME as well as discuss the problematic relationship Marvel has had with Natalie Portman. There’s also reviews of the first two episodes of GAME OF THRONES including who they think will live or die and THAT sex scene.

The girls also review new releases MID 90S, THE PERFECT DATE, SOMEONE GREAT AND DC’s latest film in their franchise SHAZAM. Along with discussion on female friendship apps, childhood crushes and avoiding spoilers.

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Episode 29 - Jordan Peele is a Genius


Following the release of Jordan Peele's new horror US Neha gives us her review as well as discussing the genius of the directors work with Caris.

The girls also review TRIPLE FRONTIER and discuss the upcoming releases in the film world, especially ENDGAME and how the aftermath of Captain Marvel has prepared them.

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Episode 28 - Captain Marvel


We feel like we’ve been waiting for this film forever and finally it’s here. Neha and Caris share their reviews both spoiler free and spoiler filled (so you can switch off when you need to) about the latest additional to the Marvel franchise CAPTAIN MARVEL.

They also discuss the latest releases including Triple Frontier, What Men Want and Ben Is Back.

Episode 27 - True Detective Season 3 Review


With the third season of the crime drama coming to an end, Neha and Caris review True Detective and how Mahershala Ali and Stephen Dorff exceeded expectations.

They also review Destroyer, Serenity, The Assassination of Gianni Versace and discuss some of the worst snubs at the Oscars in recent years.

Episode 26 - Romcoms, Remakes and Women in TV


With female characters growing in television, Caris and Neha take a look at the changes of representation of the gender in the past ten years.

With Valentines Day just behind us, the girls talk about their favourite romantic comedies and how remakes aren’t always the answer for the Horror genre (especially Scream).


Episode 25 - Stalking is NOT sexy


This week Caris is joined by Neha Vyas as they review the latest films including Mary Queen of Scots, Glass, Vice and A Dog’s Way Home. They also discuss the wild documentary Fyre: The Greatest Party That Never Happened and share their hesitations on The Favourite.

The theme of this week is stalking in TV and film, inspired by the recent success of Netflix’ You starring Penn Badgley, they talk about what the show taught us about oversharing on social media and whether the character of Joe is a red flag for new relationships in the social media age.

Along with True Detective thoughts, Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper’s weird friendship and Zac Efron as Ted Bundy.

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Episode 24 - And the award goes to.....who cares?


Caris is joined by artist Courtney Cheshire this week as they discuss the awards season and how it’s changed from celebrating achievement to publicity stunts and stroking egos. They also talk about awards in other aspects of life, such as employee of the month and high school awards.

Reviews this week include Netflix’ Dumplin’, Aquaman, Mary Queen Of Scots, Mary Poppins Returns and The Favourite. The girls also share why they don’t want another Batman film, their dislike of one of Hollywood’s new male stars and how they feel about the new season of True Detective!

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Episode 23 - Hello 2019

Caris and Eleanor Brown welcome in the new year with a discussion on new years resolutions. Whether they're any good and if people should bother still setting them?

They talk about the top ten most popular resolutions and how to make changes in your life more successful but setting realistic goals and easing the pressure on yourself.

There's also a bonus moment where Caris almost destroys her own kitchen. Happy new year!

Episode 22 - 2018 In Film

It’s the end of the year which means Caris is reflecting back on the past year of film releases along with Eleanor Ring. 

Covering every month and choosing their favourites such as Molly’s Game, Paddington 2, Black Panther, A Fantastic Woman, Isle of Dogs, You Were Never Really Here, Avengers Infinity War, Tully, Oceans 8, Hereditary, Searching, A Star Is Born and Bohemian Rhapsody. 

And then there were the disappointing ones such as Winchester, A Wrinkle In Time, The Nun and Bad Times At The El Royale.

Caris confesses her unexpected love for Unfriended: Dark Web and Eleanor fights the fight for Suspiria. Captain America’s missing beard is brought up and they both question why Halloween went so wrong. 

EPISODE 21 - Christmas, Scrooges and Christingles

Caris is joined by Sophie Duncan creative director at Rianne Pictures, they discuss the top 10 films at the UK box office including CREED II. As well as Kevin Hart’s short lived Oscar hosting, Thank U Jeff Goldblum, Caris’ failed attempt at making friends with her neighbours and the tea vs dinner debate.

Then they’re onto Christmas! Talking about Christmas traditions such as advent calendars, giving out cards and christingles…have you heard of them?

Episode 20 - Secret Santa Sucks

Caris is joined by Neha Vyas as they discuss Christmas office parties, secret santa mishaps and thanksgiving.