Foxhole Trailer Release

After completing our shoot in June, we have been busy at work in post production for our upcoming short thriller film Foxhole. But we are very happy to be able to share the trailer online from today!

The sound mix created by our frequent collaborating sound designer Toby Campen is now complete, along with the eerie soundtrack crafted by Adam Messaoud who is new to our team. Which now leaves just the colour grading to be completed....the final touch!

With the finished film to be ready by the end of August, we’ll be busy sending Foxhole to film festivals from September onwards, keeping you updated on any good news that we may (and hopefully) receive!

We’ll be posting new and unseen production stills along with various character posters on our social media sites throughout the rest of this month so if you’re not following our Instagram, Twitter and Facebook already what are you waiting for!? 

Check out the trailer below!