Working with your on-set Photographer

 A month ago today we began our shoot for Foxhole, our 8th production at Rianne Pictures. With a larger crew than our previous work, we were lucky to have a dedicated on set photographer for the shoot, Hannah Clayden. Here's some tips on working with your on set photographer and why it's important to have one, along with some more photographs from our Foxhole shoot!

1 Communicate your ideas

Before the shoot started, Hannah and director Caris Rianne discussed what photographs would be needed and why. Having behind the scenes photographs can be very beneficial to your film festival campaign as it shows the process from start to finish. We also wanted photographs to share with our Indiegogo campaign backers to allow them to see where their investment went towards.

Caris shared inspiration images with Hannah for all areas of the shoot, behind the scenes, stills and images she wanted for the poster. Even a re-imagination of a photograph taken of The Beguiled cast with Sofia Coppola, however due to limited space at the filming location this comical take was created instead.

In between filming Hannah remained on set close to the action so she could be called in at any moment, during this down time she would edit her images and share her process with Caris to ensure that she was getting what was desired. Communication is key!

2. Get your stills

Every film needs high quality stills, especially for promotional purposes. When building your press kit for film festival submissions, you'll need to include them. It's also worth adding that they are great way of adding to not only your portfolio of work but your actors. Getting your photographer into the scene after shooting has finished, or even between takes, allows a realistic depiction of the story line to be taken. Ask your actors to re-enact certain moments, IMDB pages appreciate these also. 

Hannah was able to move in and out around the camera and sound crew to grab her stills, communication between her and Caris to remember to take these was also well needed!

3  Record your progress

Every film fan likes to see the process of a film making it from the page to the screen, especially people who have supported the project financially. Showing our Indiegogo backers the making of the film allowed them to see where their support went to. It also shows the hard work of your crew members who are often hidden behind the other side of the camera.

4 Think of your poster

Every film needs a poster, it's often the first image people see of your film in it's finishing stages. Caris had an idea for a series of posters of all the characters within the film, alike to the Netflix series 13 Reasons Why. Showing Hannah inspiration images and adding time into the schedule to achieve these shots was important, you'll see these in a few weeks when our graphic design team are finished with them!

5 Beware of the spoilers!

Hannah created a beautiful series of photographs during the making of the film, however some of them will not be posted online just yet due to containing spoilers concerning the storyline. Always make sure you communicate with not only your photographer but all members of cast and crew regarding photographs that you DON'T want to end up online. All of our actors checked with the director before posting certain images on their social media accounts to make sure they wouldn't be giving anything away.


To view more of Hannah's work, her social media links are below.

Foxhole is currently in the post production stages, due to join the film festival circuit later this summer.