Side Hustle is a 6 episode comedy web-series with episode run times of 10 minutes. The series focuses on Anna, Marissa and Nalini who live and work together. The girls are struggling to balance their careers and relationships against their creative dreams.

The series looks to shine light on the lives of modern women in their late twenties and early thirties as they face the pressure to start relationships and families, address mental health issues, openly talk about smear tests and their commitments to careers. 

Inspired by comedies such as Fleabag, Derry Girls and Broad City, Side Hustle focuses on the challenges women face breaking into the creative industry and the workplace environments they must deal with while waiting for their chance.

A film director, an aspiring writer, a struggling actress, the co-worker trying to be a photographer, vlogger friends and old college house mates trying to be agents. Side Hustle gives us a glimpse at a variety of creative side careers.

The girls learn to support one another in pursuit of their dreams, offering shoulders to cry on during breakups, a dose of reality when it gets too much and keeping each other together when it all goes wrong. 

Filming in the North East will not only shine a light on local talent and businesses that are not the priority of mainstream film making, as well as give opportunities to North East creatives in all aspects of the film making process. Rianne Pictures focus on female film making has resulted in previous crews being up to 70% female, a track record we aim to keep.