Episode 08: Bad days at work

In this weeks episode Caris and Eleanor discuss DAY JOBS. Caris tells the story of the creepiest thing a boss ever did to her and the girls discuss how to combat negativity and boredom in the office and work environment.

They review The Strangers 2 and discuss the upcoming films of the week. Eleanor talks about SMILF and Caris discusses Riley Keough in The Girlfriend Experience.

Episode 07: Infinity War Special

Spoilers everywhere, Caris and Lauren talk Avengers Infinity War scene by scene.

One of the highest anticipated films of the year is here! So Caris and Lauren dig deep into everything to do with Infinity War.


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Episode 06: Overcoming failure

In this weeks episode Lauren Bird is back as a guest co-host and her and Caris discuss the UK Box Office Top 10, the newly released AVENGERS INFINITY WAR (NO spoilers are featured in this episode) and the new season premieres of Westworld and The Handmaid’s Tale.

After all the film talk, Lauren and Caris discuss moving across the country and how to overcome failures in career, education and personal relationships.

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Episode 05: Cinema Etiquette

Most people love going to the cinema, but sometimes other people make it strange and a weird experience. Caris and Eleanor talk about their experiences with this along with some listener comments.

From feets on seats, PDA couples and loud people. Along with your Top 10 films of the week including their reviews on Truth Or Dare, Rampage, Love, Simon and A Quiet Place.

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Episode 04: You're Allowed To Say No

Why do we find it so hard to say no to things we don't want to do? Caris is joined by Eleanor Brown in this weeks episode where they discuss saying NO to people, things and places that just aren't good for them.

They also discuss bad first dates, un-wanted pity kisses and MSN boyfriends. Along with your Top 10 films of the week including their reviews on Blockers, Isle of Dogs, Unsane and A Wrinkle In Time.

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Episode 03: Being kind even when it's weird

In this weeks episode Caris is joined by guest co-host singer/songwriter Lauren Bird. The pair discuss the top 10 UK box office including Game Night, I Tonya and Black Panther. Also mentioning the Netflix UK release of Annihilation. For this weeks theme Caris is talking about random acts of kindess and suggestions from experts on how to add them into your life, but are they practical? Sometimes not, as Lauren shares with her recent experience. SUBSCRIBE to know when a new episode is out and you can follow Caris and Lauren on social media at @carisrianne and @laurenbirdmusic

Episode 02: What do you mean you don't like me?

Caris is joined by actress Erica Martin in this weeks episode! They talk about REJECTION! In career and relationships, how do you keep going when you get knocked back?

The girls also discuss the Oscar winners and this weeks UK Box Office films including Lady Bird and I,Tonya.