Episode 46 - Once Upon A Time In Tarantinowood


Courtney returns to the show this week! Her and Caris run through the top films at the box office and upcoming releases. We get more discussion on IT:Chapter 2 and some excitement over the upcoming Farewell.

Caris shares some of her recent watches including the Keanu Reeves Speed and the recent social media thriller Assassination Nation. Her and Courtney also talk about why some of the new Disney releases aren’t working and how Kenneth Branagh’s Cinderella wasn’t all that bad.

Then we get onto our topic of the week QUENTIN TARANTINO. With a review on his latest film Once Upon A Time In Hollywood, the girls dive into his filmography from their disappointment with The Hateful Eight to their love of Inglorious Basterds and why Pulp Fiction has been given a bad rep by ‘film bros’

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