Foxhole Spotlight: Eleanor Brown

She was the breakout star of our short film Coming Home, the footballing nemesis in Extra Time and now she's back in the leading role for Foxhole. Eleanor Brown talks to us about our new thriller.

Interview by Cecilia Gragnani.

What attracted you to the story of Foxhole?

I was instantly intrigued on the first reading of the script. The ending took me by surprise and I had so many thoughts and questions after reading it that I knew I wanted to be involved.

Tell us a little bit about your character?

Sylvie is a woman with a cause. The audience are left in the dark about what this cause is for most of the film, but to her it is so important that it has taken over her life. She has a degree in law, a high powered job and lives with her husband; on paper she'd be classed as conventionally very successful. Despite this her life is full of trouble which she faces head on with intelligence and bravery.

Eleanor on set with the RP team

Eleanor on set with the RP team

What helped you get into character?

I tried to focus on Sylvie's stoicism. She's endured a lot but it's not telling on first glance. Although Sylvie is the protagonist of Foxhole she doesn't say a great deal throughout the film. Her silence was actually very helpful. It meant I could keep an internal monologue alive with little interruption through every scene so had a constantly growing insight into Sylvie throughout the process.

How did you find the filming process?

Tiring but brilliant! This is my third time working with Caris so I already knew filming would be a joy. The setting also added to make some very special moments. The day spent in the farm house was a total treat. When we had some down time we were able to play with the dogs and take in the views! We spent some long days doing some very physical scenes, but Caris kept us well looked after and shout out to Charlotte O'Driscoll [Producer of Demi, Foxhole] for always keeping spirits up!

Eleanor on set with Mumbi Ramoni and director Caris Rianne

Eleanor on set with Mumbi Ramoni and director Caris Rianne

What was it like working with the rest of the cast?

Caris had pulled together a great bunch of actors. Everyone fully committed to the shoot and we all managed to have a laugh in between takes. I particularly enjoyed working with Lydia again. We worked together first on Extra Time in 2015. Lydia and I played sisters in Foxhole so we spent a lot of time together. It was great to work with someone so dedicated and it was nice to get to know each other better.

What was it like working with the director?

Caris is a very astute director and is always looking for ways to help her actors. She used multiple ways to get everyone on the same page; through words, Pinterest boards and film references. She is very accommodating, but never loses sight of her vision. It's a joy to experience it.

Eleanor on set with director Caris Rianne

Eleanor on set with director Caris Rianne

How was the premiere screening?

So much fun! It was a evening full of camaraderie and support. We got to have some fun before the screening; a quiz (I didn't win) and a raffle (I didn't win) and this relaxed any nerves that anyone may have had. I was glad most of got to watch our hard work played out all together for the first time.

Eleanor at the premiere of Foxhole with director Caris Rianne

Eleanor at the premiere of Foxhole with director Caris Rianne

What was your favourite part of your experience on Foxhole?

Being surrounded by nature in a wonderful barn and cottage for a large part of the shoot.

What would you want the audience to take away from watching Foxhole?

A sense of intrigue and injustice so strong that they demand for more; throwing money at Rianne Pictures and allowing us to make the feature version of Foxhole.

You can follow Eleanor on all social media @eleanorjbrown and watch her leading performance in the FOXHOLE trailer below. She will also be the first guest co-host on Caris' new podcast Not Having It All!