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FOXHOLE (2018)

Director: Caris Rianne

Writer: Caris Rianne

Producers: Caris Rianne, Charlotte Atkinson, Charlotte O'Driscoll

Cast: Eleanor Brown, Lydia Lakemoore, Mumbi Ramoni, Kerenza Qayum, Ben Charlton, Eloise Rust, Jayde Manning, Reanna Austin, Poppy Evans, John Jesper, Erica Martin and Adam Sabatti.

Currently in the film festival circuit

Sylvie escapes her abusive marriage by running away to a place known as Foxhole. However, her reasons for joining the cult may not be all that they appear to be.

The 8th production from Rianne Pictures explores themes of entrapment, domestic violence and manipulation that many young women in cults encounter.

Filmed in Essex and Hertfordshire, the film boasts beautiful backdrops with it's locations featuring charming farm houses and enchanting forests. 

With a cast of 50% new faces and 50% returning Rianne Pictures actors such as Eleanor Brown, Lydia Lakemoore, Mumbi Ramoni, Kerenza Qayum, Jayde Manning and Eloise Rust, Foxhole has an ensemble of powerful and intense performances. 

Foxhole's first film festival success has been being chosen for the official selection at the 2018 Sunderland Shorts Film Festival, screening in May later this year.