Director: Caris Rianne

Writer: Caris Rianne

Main Cast: Lydia Lakemoore, Simon Nicholas, Mumbi Ramoni, Samantha Perry, Kiké Brimah, Hannah Bury, Jayde Manning, Eleanor Brown, Erin Read, Eva Crawford, Olivia Ryan, Joe Wakelin, Durassie Kiangangu, Suzi Horton, Matthew Harvey, Tanya Page, Samson Marraccino and Eloise Rust.

Available to watch below

Taking place a year after her parents have separated, Extra Time follows young teen Seven during a weekend where an important football match as well as her birthday is approaching.

The short film explores difference experiences that young people have regarding parental divorce while focusing on the disconnection Seven feels towards her father.

The dramatic tones of the film are balanced with a comedic element that is shown through the football match that Seven doesn't invite her father to, as well as the awkward family life at both home and with her new step family.

Extra Time received five award nominations at The Monkey Bread Tree Film Awards for Best Directing, Best Actress, Best Score, Best Editing and Best Writing. Winning the award for Best Writing.

The short had it's premiere in New York at a screening event for The Short Film Awards where it received nominations for Best Writing in a Comedic Short and Best Comedic Short. 

Extra Time finished it's festival run with Rianne Pictures' first UK film festival selection at UK Screen One International Film Festival in Leicester, where it was nominated for Best Short Film.