DEMI (2016)

Director: Caris Rianne

Writer: Caris Rianne

Producers: Caris Rianne, Jordan Hutton, Charlotte O'Driscoll, Hannah Bury.

Main Cast: Kerenza Qayum, Hannah Bury.

Available to watch and download below


Entering the world of a young girl torn on being open with her bisexuality, Demi is a coming of age drama about Dianna who falls in love with a new girl in her college class while her boyfriend is away at university.

The first feature film from Caris Rianne gives the audience a look into the ongoing confusion and misunderstanding towards bisexuality and the discrimination many people receive when being open about their feelings.

Featuring a cast of upcoming actors such as leads Kerenza Qayum and Hannah Bury, the film was made on a low budget of £4,000 and received help through crowd funding website Indiegogo for film festival submission fees.


Demi made the official selection for Florida Movie Festival, Canadian International Film Festival, Swedish International Film Festival and New Jersey Golden Door Film Festival. 

Director Caris Rianne won the Royal Reel award in the First Time Filmmakers category at the Canadian International Film Festival and the film won Best Feature at the Monkey Bread Tree Film Awards. American Production Company Carter Seagrove sponsored the films London premiere in September 2016.

Demi has been praised for it's raw and honest script. EILE Magazine gave the film a four star review calling it "a powerful representation of a new generation of British LGBT Film".

To download DEMI please visit the link here and select the download button. The download is via a safe plateform and is free.