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Director: Caris Rianne

Writer: Caris Rianne

Main Cast: Eleanor Brown, Darrel Draper, Hannah Bury, Max C Klein, Marian Elizabeth, Christopher Walthorne, Louise Marguerite, Matthew Harvey, Denis Sowah, Jayde Manning, Eleesha-Marie Britten.

Available to watch below

Coming Home follows the story of the separated couple, Carrie and John, documenting the years of their lives that followed after their break up when they chose different paths in their lives.

A look at the good and bad parts of relationships and the journey people take on finding what it is in life that they want to do and who they want with them.

Currently the longest short film that Rianne Pictures have made, Coming Home was great preparation for Demi our debut feature will begun production shortly after the making of Coming Home.

The film didn't go into the festival circuit due to the length, but has been praised for it's writing and lead performance by Eleanor Brown.