Family and friends of Sophie Duvall have been campaigning for information on her recent disappearance with the addition of new evidence found recently in the wooded area by her home in Stars Hollow. Her jacket was found along with other personal belongings such as her smart phone, containing images and videos of her with an un-named young man.

Friends have told authorities that Sophie did not have a boyfriend, never spoke of a relationship and never mentioned anything about the young man on her social media accounts. Police have been looking into the evidence found from the smart phone along with the items of clothing found, they do not believe that there was a struggle at the scene as the items were not hidden and neatly placed in the wooded area.

This is only three months after the disappearance of Kathryn Deniz which occured 30 miles away from the town, Kathryn went missing the day before her Sixth Form prom, not returning home from a college class on the Friday evening. 

Kathryn's mother has appealed against her college who ignored claims that she was being bullied by classmates and that they could have possibly lead her to leave home without saying anything, teacher and the college board have denied these claims and suggested that Kathryn was a bright and friendly student who was liked by many. There has been an online appeal for more information surrounded Kathryn's disappearance after a rumoured sighting of her boarding a train in the Southend on Sea area a week after her disappearance from her hometown in Gosling Common. 

A video uploaded by a friend days before her disappearance on Twitter suggested that Kathryn was in happy spirits and looking forward to her upcoming Sixth Form promo, even remarking that she must buy new items of make-up in order for preparation. 

The husband of Celine Ramsay have denied claims that she run away from home back in 2014 after Police called off the investigation after it was found Ramsay purchased train tickets a month in advance of her disappearance. They have called this statement as disgraceful and that their little girl deserves justice. Celine disappeared after failing to attend an after college ballet class, the police were called after 3 days of Celine not attending college, the 18 year old was living alone while her parents were away on a cruise in Singapore. 

Many people have questioned the disappearance of Celine due to her online blog entries shortly before her disappearance suggesting that she was running away to be with somebody, presumably a boyfriend. However, her family have protested that these were part of an influence group of people who had recently been in contact with Celine for her families money. 

A video was posted shortly before her disappearance which has highlighted how angry she was at the world, many friends from her college have suggested that her parents weren't very forth coming with information as they didn't believe that she was truly missing, simply staying a friends house out of disappointment of their recent holding.


In the past 2 years, there have been 37 cases of missing girls within the UK, none have been solved.